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Flipp for the most
savings every week

Flipp makes weekly shopping easy with the most digital circulars and coupons from the brands you love.


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Your essential shopping app

Flipp has all of the tools you need to bring you the most savings every week from your favorite retailers.


All your weekly circulars for free

Say goodbye to your paper circulars! Flipp delivers digital circulars from over 1000 local retailers so you can find the best deals in your community every week.

Browse through the weekly circulars you love or search for the items you need to get the most savings.

Walmart Walmart
Kroger Kroger
Home Home
Macys Macys
Canadian Tire Canadian Tire
Family Dollar Family Dollar
Dicks Dicks
Walgreens Walgreens
Staples Staples
Dollar General Dollar General
Save a Lot Save a Lot
Best  buy Best  buy
Petsmart Petsmart
Big Lots Big Lots
Sobeys Sobeys
1000+ Weekly circulars from
the retailers you love!


New! Deals

Find the hottest deals on items near you. Search by category, scroll trending deals and view products with the top discounts in your local area.

Shopping List

Plan your shopping trips ahead of time with the ultimate shopping list. Build your list and then Flipp will find you local deals to make saving easy. Check off items at the store with just one tap to keep you on track.


Flipp makes your life easier by bringing you the most savings every week

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Everyone loves Flipp!

  • Tech Crunch Tech Crunch
    Handy! Delivered in a clean and easy-to-use interface that makes the app stand out among other sale finders and deal apps.
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  • Usa Today Usa Today
    Flipp is the ultimate flyer aggregator. Don't shop without it.
  • Good Housekeeping Good Housekeeping
    I know that moms are time-pressed and busy, and apps need to be seamless, intuitive, and helpful for them to take notice. Flipp is all of these things.
  • Abc 15 Abc 15
    I was at a grocery store and was going to buy a case of water. I pulled up the app and found that another store sold that case of water for a lot less.
  • Money Saving Money Saving
    I get all of my store ads in a smartphone app called Flipp. This is truly one of the most useful apps I've ever used. If you are a bargain shopper, you'll love it too!
  • Nest Nest
    I went to two stores, picked up all the items from my list and saved almost 26% on my grocery bill.
  • Little Miss Andrea Little Miss Andrea
    We were able to save anywhere between $1 – $3 on each of the items we needed for the week just by using the app.

Flipp is everywhere!

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Use Flipp to save 20% to 40% on your weekly shop

Download our free digital circular app today to make your weekly shopping a breeze.

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